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Food and Entertainment in Kakinada

Traditional Andhra cuisine is the specialty of Kakinada. Various delicacies of Kakinada cuisine are famous on the world map. Pesarattu is one of the most famous breakfast dishes of the town. It is a type of crepe made from moong daal, ginger, cumin and green chillies. It is not only available in street stalls but also found in different restaurants of the city. Mango pickles are part of almost every meal in the city. Non-vegetarian delicacies of the city are made of chicken, shrimp, mutton and fish as all of them are available in abundance here. Cauliflower aavakaaya is a vegetarian specialty of Kakinada.

Cuisine of Kakinada

Sweets of Kakinada

Kakinada Kaaja is a sweet delicacy of the city and is made from maida flour and the same is later needs dipping in sugar syrup. To get the best Kakinada Kaaja, one needs to visit Kotiah Sweets, which is one of the oldest sweet shop of Kakinada and was founded in 1900. Pootarekulu is another famous sweet of the region and is made of thin sugar wafers. It is a specialty of coastal Andhra region. Different kinds of snacks are also available in Kakinada for street food lovers. Just like the other cities of Andhra Pradesh, bhajis are the favorite snack of the crowds here as well. Pidatha kindha pappu is another famous snack and is made from toasted rice and onions. Bananas and mangoes are available in abundance in East Godavari region and that’s the region they are used in various dishes of the area. Udupi vegetarian hotels are in abundance in Kakinada to treat vacationers with their food delights.

Kakinada Cuisine

Restaurants in Kakinada

There was a time when restaurants used to be affordable for only affluent people. However, in today's world most of the families visit them every now and then. Every city is full of restaurants and they offer different types of cuisine to serve different kinds of people. Vegetarian, non-vegetarian, multi cuisine, Chinese, Italian, French, South Indian and North Indian are different types of cuisine offered by various restaurants. There are several restaurants located in different areas of Kakinada, and some of the prominent ones of the same are:

Subbaya Restaurant
Ramaraopeta, Opposite Main Road, Kakinada - 533004

Seasons Restaurant
Door No 11-11-4b, Nookalama Temple Street, Ramaraopeta, Opposite Raj Tank, Kakinada - 533004
+(91)-884-2347788, 6454444

Sri Durga Restaurant
Badam Complex, Gandhi Nagar, Omtimamidi Centre, Kakinada - 533004

Koustubha Restaurant
Door No 13-1-16, Suryaraopet, Beside Axis Bank, Kakinada - 533001

Entertainment in Kakinada

Entertainment has always been an integral part of human life. However, mediums of entertainment changes as per time. Usually old methods of entertainment are replaced with new ones. Earlier, listening to live folk music used to be fun. However, in modern times, entertainment comes in different forms. Theatres, bars and pubs, shopping malls and restaurants have become an integral part of people’s life today. Kakinada offers all of these sources of entertainment to its citizens. People of Kakinada enjoy their life with various options of entertainment available in the city.

Cinema Halls in Kakinada

Cinema halls are the favorite entertainment places for the youngsters. With new movies releasing every week, they become the most happening places of every city. There are around 20 cinema halls located in different localities of Kakinada. These theatres showcase English, Hindi and Telugu movies on a regular basis to the public. Devi Multiplex located at Cinema Hall Road, Anand Cinema Hall located at Bhanugudi Junction, Padma Priya Cinema Hall located at Srinagar Colony, and Geeth Cinema Hall located near Anand Complex at Bhanugudi Junction are some of the most prominent theatres of Kakinada.

Shopping Malls in Kakinada

Shopping malls are the busiest place in today’s world. Most of the people visit various shopping malls located around every city on a weekly basis. Some visit them for their grocery and home needs while others find them as a meeting place with their friends and family. Earlier these places used to cater to only the shopping needs of people. However, with time they have evolved as a source of entertainment by including food courts and multiplexes within themselves. Sri Mani Shopping Mall located at Munsabgari Junction is one of the major shopping malls of Kakinada.

Bars and Pubs in Kakinada

Entertainment in Kakinada

Bars and pubs are the result of advancement of technological sector of our country. With an increase in income, people have also increased their expenses and are enjoying their lives more. Youngsters visit bars and pubs occasionally to meet their friends and family. These places offer liquor, music and relaxing environment at the same place. Here are the details of some of the renowned bars and pubs of Kakinada:

Level 7
Paradigm Sarovar Portico, Door No 20-1-60, Subash Road, Kakinada Ho, Kakinada - 533001, Beside Tirumala Theatre
+(91)-884-2302333, 2302351

Guruji Bar and Restaurant
Door No 2-2-8, 3rd Floor, Padmapriya Theater Complex, Bhanugudi Junction, Kakinada - 533003

Open Galaxy Restaurant and Bar
2-1-18, Bhanugudi Junction, Kakinada - 533003
+(91)-884-2387575, 6563888

Ganapathi Restaurant and Bar
Cinema Hall Road, Kakinada - 533001, Opposite K Lounge, Beside Swapna Theatre

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